“Rainbow Montessori was the BEST decision I have made for my daughter’s education career! The curriculum, teachers, and staff are outstanding! My daughter was given the opportunity to flourish in a safe and warm environment. Rainbow gave my daughter all the tools necessary to be a strong academic student. We are proud to have found such an amazing preschool.” – Rita Weistein 

“I truly cannot imagine my children’s future being as bright as it is without RMS having set their path for success both personally and educationally! I think it it is important when choosing a school that you trust the school and understand they make their decisions for the good of the children. After all, Rainbow has been around for over 20+ years so you must be doing something right!… (My son) just graduated from kindergarten on Tuesday with an award for the “Top Student in Math”. He won the Spanish Program Spelling Bee (40 kids competed) and came in 4th of 200 kids in English Kindergarten Spelling Bee. I attribute his success to his time at Rainbow and it’s teachers and staff.” – Robyn Markson

My daughter recently moved up to the blue sky classroom from the Little Montessorians environment. Her experience in LM was wonderful, it was the perfect nurturing environment a little one needs. She always loved going to school, as the teachers where her second family. Although it is the toddler classroom she learned at an appropriate rate and moved up ready for a challenge. In the few months she has been in blue sky I have seen wonderful growth in her. Her teachers are beyond wonderful, I could not be happier. Rainbow is a family environment and you feel it when you walk in. The teachers truly care and love you child. – Peter Briel

Finding Rainbow Montessori School was like finding home. It is an absolutely perfect fit for our family. I have taught in both Montessori and traditional schools, and once I toured Rainbow, I knew with out a doubt we were making the right choice. The facility is very clean and extremely welcoming. The teachers are excellent and truly care about the well being of their students. I say students, because these kids actually learn. They learn math, science, history, geography — it amazes me that a 4 year old can tell me about the 7 continents, the decimal system, and talk to me in detail about the solar system. I cannot say enough good things about this school! I thank you all for helping shape my daughter to be a genuinely loving and kind person that cares for others and our planet. Saffi goes to school happy and comes home happy. We have formed bonds with people at this school that are for a lifetime. It is not only the inside of the school that is warm, and nurturing, this feeling is felt between all the families as well. Thank for being so genuine in a time when sending kids to school can be kind of scary.-  Jill Hoffman