Materials which stimulate the senses of sight, hearing, feeling, smelling and tasting are presented in special forms. We use color tablets, musical bells, geometric solids, and spice boxes. All these lead to enrichment of discrimination and awareness.


In Montessori, children are not “taught” to read and write, but develop these skills naturally on their own, by the use of fascinating materials. We use sandpaper letters, metal insets, movable alphabets, language cards, geography and Botany puzzles. These enable them to achieve the necessary skills for ease of expression, dexterity in writing and love of reading.

Practical Life:

Children learn to perform everyday functions in a joyful, practical way, for example by polishing, lacing, cutting, etc. The children acquire motor skills and grace of movement, which leads to strong self-concepts.


Music Education:

The Montessori Bells and other instruments are introduced individually. Isolating pitch is one of the first exercises with the Montessori Bells. Gradually, the child learns to pair the bells which correspond to the sharps and flats of the piano. Music notation and theory are presented as the child is ready. Group music includes music appreciation, songs, dancing and rhythm instruments.



Montessori translates the abstract meaning of mathematics into concrete meaningful forms. We use number rods, spindle game, golden beads, decimal system, teen & ten boards and Mortensen Math. Children learn the basics of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in a challenging and exiting way. Mortensen Math includes problem solving, arithmetic, algebra, measurements and calculus.